2009 Membership Meeting Report

Well, we had a very successful membership meeting – 17 people attended, including our three students, and two non-FCD guests, one visiting from San Diego.  So first, thank you all for showing up and expressing your opinons and support to Foggy City Dancers as we continue to grow and thrive as a club.

We opened the meeting up with introductions of all the people at the meeting, and I asked every one to say their name, and what it was about square dancing that they enjoyed.  The answers were all very illuminating, but there were several answers that seemed common to just about everyone’s experience:

  • dancing
  • exercise
  • socializing
  • making friends
  • problem/puzzle solving

All of these are great reasons to square dance!  And as we dance into the future, I intend on focusing on these things as ways of marketing the club to help grow our membership.

We had our Treasurer’s Report, and as of 11/05/2009, we had $3953.04 in Savings, $1273.66 in Checking.  Our upcoming dance will take up some of that money, but hopefully we’ll recoup some of that during our Silent Auction.  Our Treasurer, John Grima, feels that we are in a good overall position.

Next up was the President’s Report, and since that’s me, I talked about the things we have achieved this year so far:

  • Two successful dances
  • Award-winning Pride Parade entry
  • Fun time gathering names during Pride Festival
  • Revival of the FCD Picnic
  • Summer Series, Chase the Rainbow II
  • and now, we are in our class.

My focus as president this year has been to raise the visibility of LGBT Square Dancing by putting us into the public arena more, and I want to continue that as we move forward.  Also, my next goal has been to figure out how to get existing FCD members to come back and start participating again, so I asked everyone what FCD needed to do in order for members to start coming back and participating.  The answers were great:

  • Focus more on Plus-level dancing
  • Extend class nights by 30 minutes and add club-level tips
  • Theme nights – pizza night, monthly potluck, etc.
  • Possibly add one or two club nights of full-level dancing during the month.
  • Revive the Performance Team

As you can see, the club membership wanted to make sure that we were focusing on their needs, and not simply having an endless cycle of classes.  There was some interest in reviving the old Performance Team, but we’re not yet in a position to do that.  Certainly, lengthening our class nights by 30 minutes and adding in more club-level dancing is a great idea, and one that we can easily implement.  One of our new members, David Wallace, volunteered to coordinate the monthly potluck, and another new member, Jason Schupp, agreed to do more outreach to more online LGBT and Queer resources.

After all that talking, people were ready to dance, so we danced for the rest of the evening!  Foggy City Dancers is going to move forward and grow and thrive, and I sincerely hope you want to be a part of that excitement.

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