26th Anniversary Dance Report

Howdy, Foggy Citizens,

Wasn’t Saturday’s 26th Anniversary Dance w/Saundra Bryant a blast!?!  We had 7 squares of Plus, 4 of Advanced, and even 2 squares worth of C-1 for the star tips! Since one of our new students, Jason, was there, Harlan gave Sandie a list of calls he had learned, and we even did a class-level tip just for him.  Everyone got to dance and have a great time!

Ebenezer was totally rockin’, the decor was hot and festive, especially that Disco Ball that Steve Huggins somehow procured.  Sandie’s calling was absolutely amazing, and the Silent Auction sold some items, too!

All I have to say is Foggy City Dancers is back and getting better and better!

This week we’re going to be ordering pizzas!  We’ll be charging a $2 fee to help subsidize the cost of the pizzas, and get both vegetarian and carnivore style pizzas.  We’ll also have bottled water and soda pop available for $1 each.

Remember, Thursday nights start at 7:15pm now and run until 9:45pm so we can have extra club-level dancing to reward our wonderful Angels for helping out with our new generation of Foggy Citizens.

Yellow Rocks,

Paul Brown

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