Club Night w/Western Star Dancers

Tomas and Davida Do the Hat Dance!
Tomas and Davida Do the Hat Dance!

You may be wondering what happens when we have a barn, and Western Star Dancers has a piano!  Well, wonder no more; we all had a great time!  Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a great evening.  We had two tips all night, three tips once, and an advanced tip, too, at the end!  All that yummy food, and the decor.  Since I’m apt to forget someone in my individual thanks, attached is the delightful program that Western Star provided – I am grateful to everyone who participated!

This is what happens when everyone pulls together and works toward the common good: a night more successful all the way around.  Speaking for myself, I hope we can do more joint events in the future, and I hope you all do, too.

Best of all, the club actually ended up in the black tonight!  From the generous donations everyone made tonight, we were able to totally cover the cost of the hall and Harlan, plus have some money left over to split between the two clubs!

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