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The Basic/Mainstream level in Square Dancing is made up of 99 calls. You will know all 99 calls when you have completed your class.

Want to see an anamation of how these calls look? Click HERE to be taken to a usefull website.

Partner / Corner
Circle Left / Circle Right
Forward & Back
Allemande Left
Couples Promenade
Right & Left Grand
Heads / Sides
Couple #1, #2, #3, #4
Boys / Girls
Promenade 1/2
Left-hand Star
Right-hand Star
Pass Thru
Courtesy Turn
Four Ladies Chain (1/2 & 3/4)
Two Ladies Chain
Ladies In, Men Sashay
Grand Square
Star Promendae
Single File Promenade

Lead Right / Lead Left
Veer Left / Veer Right
Couples Circulate
Bend the Line
Star Thru

Ladies / Men Promenade Inside
Weave the Ring
Chain Down the Line
California Twirl
Boys / Girls Circulate (two-faced line)
Dive Thru
Yellow Rock / Stack the Wood *

U-turn Back
Seperate Around 1 or 2 to a Line
Square thru (1 – 4)
Wheel & Deal (lines facing out)

All Around the Corner
See Saw
Split Two
Left Square Thru (1 – 4)
Rright and Left Tthru

Dosado (gay styling)
Sweep a Quarter (Sweep 1/4)
Boys / Girls Trade (two-faced line)
Partner Trade
Trade By
Wheel & Deal (two-faced line)

Do Paso (& roll promenade)
Slip the Clutch
Wheel Around
Step to a Wave
Ocean Wave Balance
Swing Thru
Boys / Girls Run
Boys / Girls Trade (ocean wave)
Ferris Wheel

Allemande Left in the Alamo Style and Balance
Swing Thru (alamo ring)
Ttouch 1/4
Single File Circulate (column)
Double Pass Thru
Seperate Around 1 or 2 and Come into the Middle
Reverse Flutterwheel

Extend (from 1/4 tag only)
Pass the Ocean
Centers / Ends
All 8 Circulate
Star Figures
Box the Gnat
Wrong Way Grand

Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
Shoot the Star
Circle to a Line (circle up 4)
Dosado to a Wave
First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Right

Slide Thru
Weave the Ring (gay styling)
Eight Chain Thru (eight chain 1, 2, 3, etc)

Turn Thru
Walk & Dodge
Single Hinge
Couples Trade

Centers In
Cast Off 3/4
Scoot Back
Spin the Top
Couples Hinge

Pass to the Center
Tag the Line (in / out / left / right)

Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
Half Tag
Split / Box Circulate
Cross Run / Cross Fold

Wrong Way Thar
Half Sashay
Face In / Out / Right / Left *

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