Membership Meeting Report

We had a General Membership Meeting on 12 August at the Castro Community Meeting Room,  which was fairly well attended.  Good representation of club members, as well as observers from Western Star Dancers and Midnight Squares, for which I was grateful.  We discussed the current financial and membership state of the club, both of which are not horrible, but not good, neither, and then got down to business.  What do we want to be as a club?

From the discussion of the members present, there is no desire to disband the club.  Members want to continue to dance.  Several members expressed the opinion that we should hold a Plus and Advanced workshops for the fall season, and possibly a Zero-to-Plus class if we can get enough interest.  A committee of Paul Brown, Joe Iser, Harlan Kerr, and Steve Huggins has been formed to explore locations and our club’s program moving forward.

As an aside, Steve Huggins has found out that Monday nights at Forest Hill Christian Church is available, and I have directed him to hold on to it temporarily until we explore Castro locations.  Since Western Star Dancers was forced to move to Thursday nights, we are looking at either Mondays or Tuesdays for our dance nights.  Tuesday, though, would mean that we would lose Harlan as our regular caller, as he has a commitment calling with Diablo Dancers in Martinez.

We want to hear from you!  Feedback from members is vital to ensure survival, health, and growth of Foggy City Dancers.

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