New Storage Space

Today, the club has  a new storage space in SOMA at Extra Space Storage, located at 1400 Folsom Street.  The Board of Directors decided to consolidate all of the club’s property in one place in order to sort through it and decide what stuff was necessary to keep and which could be disposed.  And Club Treasurer, John Grima, generously donated half of the space rental fee to the club – thanks, John!

So, John, Steve Huggins, and Paul Brown went down to the storage space, signed the lease, et cetera, and then drove the big diesel moving truck the facility provides over to Rusty’s old place (he recently moved, part of which prompted this need to consolidate), loaded up the stuff there, then headed to Steve’s storage place and loaded up the rest of the stuff, and finally we got everything unloaded in moved in to our new storage space.

So, thanks to Rusty and Steve for providing storage space for the club for as long as they did, and also thanks to John, Steve, and Paul for lending a hand and getting it done!

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