Newest Member: Angi Lewis

Angi enrolled in the FCD Plus course and was impressed enough by the group to apply for Foggy Citizenship.

“My friend, Duane Flohra, introduced me to square dancing; and I’m glad he did,” she explained. “Dancing gives us a chance to visit during the week—which is nice.

“I didn’t attend the convention. Maybe next year! I did go to a fly-in in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in May 2007. My family lives close by, and I was visiting the area to attend a cousin’s wedding. It was the first time that my family has seen me dance. It was a lot of fun, and I plan to do it again next year.

“I attended The Stumptown Stomp the last two years, and have had a blast. In fact, last year at Stumptown was when the calls jelled for me with Mainstream. I try to go to as many dances as possible in order to strengthen my dancing skills.

“I really enjoy dancing with Foggy City. You guys are the greatest!”

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