Recorded by
Michael Golden,

The FCD Board has been busy carrying out the club’s mission of ensuring financial security and membership strength. In that vein, ongoing communication of The Board’s activities is presented to our membership.

The Board has agreed to:

  • Authorize the digitizing of the FCD logo;
  • Adopt a fresh design for club polo and t-shirts;
  • Invite Duane Flohra to join the FCD Board as an at-large member;
  • Compress the Mainstream course to 11 sessions commencing on August 21, 2007;
  • Request Harlan Kerr to teach the Semester 1 Mainstream class for 2007/2008;
  • Request Neil Heather to teach the Plus class for the 2007/2008 year;
  • Schedule a beer and soda fund raising social at the Pilzner Inn.