Memorial Quilt

Three Foggy Citizens were eulogized at the Square Dancer’s Memorial Quilt in Denver, Colorado.

Tom Valdez. Long-time Class Co-ordinator and deserving recipient of The Red Boot Award.

Fred Papapietro. Another Class Co-ordinator, affectionately known as “Freddy Crocker” in recognition of his weekly donations of baked goods, and for his 1990s Foghorn recipe column.

Donald Wescoat. Nurse, musician and composer, Donald—nicknamed “Bullseye” for his distinctive choreography that returned dancers home without a need to promenade—served as FCD Club Night caller. In 1996, Bullseye Wescoat composed Squares in the Circle. It is frequently performed during Memorial Tips.

Passing Through

Trevor Hailey. Foggy City dancer and local celebrity famed for her walking tours of the Castro neighborhood.

Layne Ethington. Performance Team member and “The Voice of Foggy City.” Before there was e-mail, there was the FCD Hotline where callers could hear Layne announce upcoming events. Donald Wescoat later replaced Layne as the Hotline announcer.

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