by Lee Griffiths

In recent years, FCD’s teaching has been traditional: a Mainstream class (26 weeks at 1.5 hours/week or 39 hours of teaching) and a subsequent Plus class (12 weeks at 2 hours/week or 24 hours teaching), taking a total of 63 hours of teaching time to advance students from beginner level through Plus between August and May.

Students have complained that classes go too slow and are too repetitive and thus boring. Existing members are less keen to angel for similar reasons. Potential students seem also to be put off by the need to initially commit to 26 weeks of lessons without knowing if they will actually enjoy square dancing.

These issues have now been addressed with a fresh teaching schedule.

  • Total teaching time is now a faster-paced 44 hours.
  • An 11 week (22 hour) Mainstream class began with the first Intro on August 21, then another Intro on August 28. There will be 9 more weeks to graduation.
  • Classes are held from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at Studio 204.
  • The cost for students is $75. Angels are welcome (and needed).
  • Plus class will be offered to these students starting on November 27.