Groove on this – Harlan announced last night that our wonderful class of ’09-’10 completed the Zero-to-Plus list!  Congratulations to David, Mark, and Jason!  We’re happy right now, and we want all you fabulous Foggy Citizens to come and welcome them into the square dance community, and what better way to celebrate than to come to our Walk and Dodge the Rain Hoedown with the energetic and always entertaining, Pat Carnathan, on 20 February!

Yet even with our celebrations and new members, Foggy City Dancers faces some grimly serious financial challenges.  We have approximately six months worth of operating capital remaining.  Yet we have continued to work on our streamlined administrative costs by moving from Bank of America to Chase for our accounts.  That move will save us $148 this year in bank fees.  And we are taking more aggressive fund raising steps.  Foggy City Dancers will not go down without a fight, and so the Board of Directors authorized the expense of $615 worth of See’s Candies chocolate bars and gift certificates – we have 2 Gross of bars: Milk Chocolate or Dark Cholocate with Almonds for $2/bar.  The bars are really easy to sell – put a box of them on your desk and word will spread.  One of our students took two boxes with him to do just that.  I’m going to do that in my office, too.  It’s a very easy way to help keep Foggy City Dancers able to bring more dancing to you.  We also have 20 Gift Certificates on hand which are worth 1 pound of chocolate, or a custom selection equal to the cost of a pound.  Spiffy!

So, we are again asking for a General Membership Meeting on Thursday, 25 January to discuss these issues.  Do we want to take a more active recruiting stance or focus on the current membership and just dance weekly club and social nights until we run out of money?  It’s the difference between going out with a bang or a whimper.  Personally, I want to see Foggy City Dancers succeed because the aspect of the gay community that FCD serves is seemingly underserved by our sister organizations!  I’m working on that vision by having dances and callers booked out to 2012.  By continuing to market square dancing as a fun bar alternative activity for the gay community.  By continuing to work to raise the visibility of LGBT square dancing in the larger community.

Did you know that Square Dancing is the State Dance of California?  And several other states.  It’s importance as an American art form should not be understated, and the LGBT community’s role as cultural memory and midwife should keep us all interested in preserving it and introducing others to it!

Did you know you can renew online?  Visit and you can renew with your credit or debit card, as well as order See’s Candies and our FCD club shirts and caps!

We have more in store with Foggy City Dancers!