We had a great time tonight celebrating the graduation of our Zero-to-Plus Class!  We had delicious cake from Noe Bakery, lots of dancers and dancing, and fun, frolic, friendship!  Congratulations to Mark Allen, Jason Schupp, and David Wallace for all their hard work and dancing!  Also, thanks to Harlan for his wonderful instruction.  Thanks to all the angels and non-dancers who kept showing up week after week to make sure that our newest Foggy Citizens had a lots of support and encouragement!

Howdy, Foggy Citizens,

They did it!

Our fabulous new dancers have successfully completed our Zero-to-Plus class, and it’s time to celebrate!

Join our newest club members, David, Mark, Jason, and all of our Angels, Dancers, friends, and others this Thursday, 11 March 2010, at 7:30pm, as we dance and celebrate their wonderful accomplishment!

We will have cake and beverages available, and our ritual “first dance” (don’t tell them what that entails), so you’ll be sure to want to be there for this!