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How May I Help? – A guide for Angels by Barry Clasper
Hints for Improvement of Your Dancing Skill – Written by Vic Ceder with annotations by Harlan Kerr
Tips on Becoming a Better Dancer – Written by Bill Heimann
Basic/Mainstream Definitions – From CALLERLAB
Plus Definitions – From CALLERLAB

Vic Ceder’s website has written definitions
Tam Twirler’s Tamination website has animated choreography


Taught Monday 8 September 2014 – Intro Week I (Harlan Kerr)

– Circle Left/Right [definition] [animation]
– Naming Convention/Dancer Identification
– Forward and Back [definition] [animation]
– Promenade/Promenade 1/2 [definition] [animation]
– Allemande Left [definition] [animation]
Arm Turn Left/Right [definition] [animation]
– Right and Left Grand [definition] [animation]
– Ladies Chain [definition] [animation]
– Grand Square [definition] [animation]
– Right and Left Thru [definition] [animation]
– Courtesy Turn [definition] [animation]
– Lead Right/Left [definition] [animation]
– Veer Left/Right [definition] [animation]
– Bend the Line [definition] [animation]
– Pass Thru [definition] [animation]
– Star Thru [definition] [animation]
– Ladies in Men Sashay [definition] [animation]
– Double Pass Thru [definition] [animation]
First Right/Left [definition] [animation]
– Couples Circulate [definition] [animation]
– Ends Circulate Centers Trade [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 15 September 2014 – Intro Week II (Harlan Kerr)

– Chain Down the Line [definition] [animation]
– Single Circle to a Wave [definition] [animation]
– Step to a Wave
– Swing Thru (including Left) [definition] [animation]
– Run [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 22 September 2014 – Week 1 (Harlan Kerr)

– Swing Your Partner [definition] [animation]
– California Twirl [definition] [animation]
– Dive Thru [definition] [animation]
– Slide Thru [definition] [animation]
– Circulate from Waves (Named Dancers / Ends / Centers / All 8) [definition] [animation]
– Pass the Ocean [definition] [animation]
– Acey Deucey [definition] [animation]
– Weave the Ring [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 29 September 2014 – Week 2 (Harlan Kerr)

– Wheel & Deal [definition] [animation]
– Extend [definition] [animation]
– Partner Trade [definition] [animation]
– Square Thru [definition] [animation]
– Pass to the Center [definition] [animation]
– U Turn Back [definition] [animation]
– Star Left/Right [definition] [animation]
– Ladies Chain (incl. all 4, 3/4) [definition] [animation

Taught Monday 6 October 2014 – Week 3 (Harlan Kerr)

– Dosado [definition] [animation]
– Touch a Quarter [definition] [animation]
– Ping Pong Circulate [definition] [animation]
– Column Circulate [definition] [animation]
– Trade [definition] [animation]
– Hinge [definition] [animation]
– Grand Swing Thru [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 13 October 2014 – Week 4 (Harlan Kerr)

– Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation]
– Rollaway with a Half Sashay [definition] [animation]
– Circle to a Line [definition] [animation]
– Cast Off 3/4 [definition] [animation]
Spin the Top [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 20 October 2014 – Week 5 (Harlan Kerr)

Tag the Line [definition] [animation]
Zoom [definition] [animation]
Reverse Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 27 October 2014 – Week 6 (Harlan Kerr)

Wheel Around [definition] [animation]
Scoot Back [definition] [animation]
Alamo Style [definition] [animation]
Cloverleaf [definition] [animation]
Trade By [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 3 November 2014 – Week 7 (Harlan Kerr)

Split Circulate [definition] [animation]
Trade the Wave [definition] [animation]
Ferris Wheel [definition] [animation]
Diamond Circulate [definition] [animation]
Cut the Diamond [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 10 November 2014 – Week 8 (Harlan Kerr)

Track 2 [definition] [animation]
Flip the Diamond [definition] [animation]

– Sweep a Quarter [definition] [animation]
Dixie Grand [definition] [animation]
Eight Chain Thru [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 17 November 2014 – Week 9 (Harlan Kerr)

– Load the Boat [definition] [animation]
Walk and Dodge [definition] [animation]
Teacup Chain [definition] [animation]

– Fold (incl. Cross Fold) [definition] [animation]
– Separate (and related calls) [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 24 November 2014 – Week 10 (Harlan Kerr)

– Spread [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 1 December 2014 – Week 11 (Harlan Kerr)

– Relay the Deucey [definition] [animation]
Roll [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 8 December 2014 – Week 12 (Harlan Kerr)

– Box the Gnat [definition] [animation]
Allemande Thar [definition] [animation]
– Shoot the Star [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 15 December 2014 – Week 13 (Harlan Kerr)

– Dixie Style to a Wave [definition] [animation]
Spin Chain Thru [definition] [animation]
Linear Cycle [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 22 December 2014 – Week 14 (Harlan Kerr)

– Promenade Inside [definition[animation]
– Chase Right [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 5 January 2015 – Week 15 (Harlan Kerr)

– Follow Your Neighbor [definition] [animation]
– Explode [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 12 January 2015 – Week 16 (Harlan Kerr)

– Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 26 January 2015 – Week 17 (Harlan Kerr)

– Fan the Top [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 2 February 2015 – Week 18 (Harlan Kerr)

– Coordinate [definition] [animation]

Taught Monday 9 February 2015 – Week 19 (Harlan Kerr)

– Crossfire [definition] [animation]

TEACH ORDER [taught in bold with date]

1. Circle Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
2. Forward and Back [definition] [animation9/8
3. Promenade [definition] [animation9/8
4. Allemande Left [definition] [animation9/8
5. Arm Turn Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
6. Right and Left Grand [definition] [animation9/8
7. Ladies Chain [definition] [animation9/8
8. Dosado [definition] [animation10/6
9. Grand Square [definition] [animation9/8
10. Swing Your Partner [definition] [animation9/22
11. Right and Left Thru [definition] [animation9/8
12. Courtesy Turn [definition] [animation9/8
13. Lead Right/Left [definition] [animation9/8
14. Veer Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
15. Bend the Line [definition] [animation9/8
16. Pass Thru [definition] [animation9/8
17. Star Thru [definition] [animation9/8
18. Dive Thru [definition] [animation9/22
19. Ladies in Men Sashay [definition] [animation9/8
20. Double Pass Thru [definition] [animation9/8
21. First Right/Left etc [definition] [animation] 9/8
22. Couples Circulate [definition] [animation9/8
23. End Circulate Centers Trade [definition] [animation]  9/8

24. Chain Down the Line [definition] [animation9/15
25. Step to a Wave [definition] [animation] 9/15
26. Partner Trade [definition] [animation 9/29
27. Pass to the Center [definition] [animation 9/29
28. Slide Thru [definition] [animation9/22
29. California Twirl [definition] [animation] 9/22
30. Acey Deucey [definition] [animation] 9/22

31. Weave the Ring [definition] [animation] 9/22
32. Star Left/Right [definition] [animation] 9/29
33. Half Sashay [definition] [animation] 10/13
34. Rollaway with a Half Sashay [definition] [animation10/13
35. U-Turn Back [definition] [animation 9/29
36. Ladies Chain (incl. all 4, 3/4) [definition] [animation 9/29

37. Circulate from Waves (named dancers, Columns, All 8, Box) [definition] [animation9/22
38. Square Thru [definition] [animation 9/29
39. Single Circle to a Wave [definition] [animation9/15
40. Swing Thru (incl. Left) [definition] [animation9/15
41. Grand Swing Thru [definition] [animation10/6

42. Run [definition] [animation9/15
43. Pass the Ocean [definition] [animation9/22
44. Trade [definition] [animation10/6

45. Circulate (from Waves) [definition] [animation] 9/22
46. Circle to a Line [definition] [animation10/13
47. Split Circulate [definition] [animation] 11/3

48. Separate (and related calls) [definition] [animation] 11/17
49. Extend (from 1/4 Tag, other Extends) [definition] [animation 9/29
50. Ping Pong Circulate [definition] [animation10/6

51. Wheel and Deal [definition] [animation] 9/29
52. Zoom [definition] [animation10/20

53. Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation10/13
54. Reverse Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation10/20
55. Sweep a Quarter [definition] [animation11/10
56. Trade By [definition] [animation] 10/27
57. Touch a Quarter [definition] [animation10/6
58. Scoot Back [definition] [animation] 10/27
59. Recycle [definition] [animation]
60. Hinge [definition] [animation10/6
61. Alamo Style [definition] [animation] 10/27
62. Ferris Wheel [definition] [animation] 11/3
63. Cloverleaf [definition] [animation] 10/27
64. Dixie Style to a Wave [definition] [animation] 12/15
65. Trade the Wave [definition] [animation] 11/3
66. Cast Off 3/4 [definition] [animation10/13
67. Centers In [definition] [animation]
68. Spin the Top [definition] [animation10/13
69. Walk and Dodge [definition] [animation] 11/17
70. Chase Right [definition] [animation] 12/22
71. Fold (incl. Cross Fold) [definition] [animation11/17
72. Tag the Line (1/2 Tag, 3/4 Tag) [definition] [animation] 10/20
73. Wheel Around [definition] [animation10/27
74. Spin Chain Thru [definition] [animation] 12/15
75. Diamond Circulate [definition] [animation] 11/3
76. Cut the Diamond [definition] [animation] 11/3
77. Flip the Diamond [definition] [animation] 11/10
78. Load the Boat [definition] [animation]
79. Roll [definition] [animation] 12/1
80. Turn Thru [definition] [animation]
81. Follow Your Neighbor [definition] [animation] 1/5
82. Fan the Top [definition] [animation1/26
83. Dixie Grand [definition] [animation] 11/10
84. Relay the Deucey [definition] [animation] 12/1
85. Box the Gnat [definition] [animation] 12/8
86. Eight Chain Thru [definition] [animation] 11/10
87. Allemande Thar [definition] [animation] 12/8
88. Wrong Way Thar [definition] [animation]
89. Shoot the Star [definition] [animation12/8
90. Teacup Chain [definition] [animation] 11/17
91. Do Paso [definition] [animation]
92. Walk Around/See Saw [definition] [animation]/[definition] [animation]
93. Linear Cycle [definition] [animation] 12/15
94. Explode [definition] [animation] 1/5
95. Explode the Wave [definition] [animation]
96. Spin Chain the Gears [definition] [animation]
97. Crossfire [definition] [animation2/9
98. Peel Off [definition] [animation]
99. Coordinate [definition] [animation] 2/2
100. Peel the Top [definition] [animation]
101. Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears [definition] [animation] 1/12
102. All 8 Spin the Top [definition] [animation]

ALPHABETIZED [taught in bold with date]

Acey Deucey [definition] [animation9/22
Alamo Style [definition] [animation10/27
All 8 Spin the Top [definition] [animation]
Allemande Left [definition] [animation9/8
Allemande Thar [definition] [animation]
Arm Turn Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
Bend the Line [definition] [animation9/8
Box the Gnat [definition] [animation]
California Twirl [definition] [animation9/22
Cast Off 3/4 [definition] [animation10/13
Centers In [definition] [animation]
Chain Down the Line [definition] [animation9/15
Chase Right [definition] [animation]
Circle Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
Circle to a Line [definition] [animation] 10/13
Circulate from Waves (named dancers, Columns, All 8, Box, Split) [definition] [animation9/22

Circulate from Waves [definition] [animation] 9/22
Cloverleaf [definition] [animation] 10/27
Column Circulate [definition] [animation] 10/6
Coordinate [definition] [animation2/2
Couples Circulate [definition] [animation9/8
Courtesy Turn [definition] [animation9/8
Crossfire [definition] [animation2/9

Cut the Diamond [definition] [animation] 11/3
Diamond Circulate [definition] [animation] 11/3
Dive Thru [definition] [animation9/22
Dixie Grand [definition] [animation] 11/10
Dixie Style to a Wave [definition] [animation] 12/15
Do Paso [definition] [animation]
Dosado [definition] [animation10/6
Double Pass Thru [definition] [animation9/8
Eight Chain Thru [definition] [animation]
Ends Circulate Centers Trade [definition] [animation9/8
Explode [definition] [animation] 1/5
Explode the Wave [definition] [animation]
Extend (from 1/4 Tag, other Extends) [definition] [animation 9/29
Fan the Top [definition] [animation1/26
Ferris Wheel [definition] [animation] 11/3
First Right/Left etc [definition] [animation9/8
Flip the Diamond [definition] [animation]
Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation10/13
Fold (incl. Cross Fold) [definition] [animation11/17
Follow Your Neighbor [definition] [animation] 1/5
Forward and Back [definition] [animation9/8
Grand Square [definition] [animation9/8
Grand Swing Thru [definition] [animation10/6

Half Sashay [definition] [animation] 10/13
Hinge [definition] [animation10/6
Ladies Chain (incl. all 4, 3/4) [definition] [animation9/29
Ladies in Men Sashay [definition] [animation9/8
Lead Right/Left [definition] [animation9/8
Linear Cycle [definition] [animation]
Load the Boat [definition] [animation] 11/17
Partner Trade [definition] [animation] 9/29
Pass the Ocean [definition] [animation9/22
Pass Thru [definition] [animation9/8
Pass to the Center [definition] [animation] 9/29

Peel Off [definition] [animation]
Peel the Top [definition] [animation]
Ping Pong Circulate [definition] [animation10/6
Promenade [definition] [animation9/8
Promenade Inside [definition[animation] 12/22
Recycle [definition] [animation]
Relay the Deucey [definition] [animation] 12/1
Reverse Flutter Wheel [definition] [animation10/20
Right and Left Grand [definition] [animation9/8
Right and Left Thru [definition] [animation9/8
Roll [definition] [animation]
Rollaway with a Half Sashay [definition] [animation10/13
Run [definition] [animation9/15
Scoot Back [definition] [animation] 10/27
Separate (and related calls) [definition] [animation] 11/17
Shoot the Star [definition] [animation12/8
Single Circle to a Wave [definition] [animation9/15
Slide Thru [definition] [animation9/22
Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears [definition] [animation] 1/12
Spin Chain the Gears [definition] [animation]
Spin Chain Thru [definition] [animation] 12/15
Spin the Top [definition] [animation10/13
Split Circulate [definition] [animation] 11/3

Spread [definition] [animation 11/24
Square Thru [definition] [animation 9/29
Star Left/Right [definition] [animation9/29
Star Thru [definition] [animation9/8
Step to a Wave [definition] [animation] 9/15
Sweep a Quarter [definition] [animation11/10
Swing Thru (incl. Left) [definition] [animation9/15
Swing Your Partner [definition] [animation9/22
Tag the Line (1/2 Tag, 3/4 Tag) [definition] [animation] 10/20
Teacup Chain [definition] [animation] 11/17
Touch a Quarter [definition] [animation10/6
Track 2 [definition] [animation11/10
Trade [definition] [animation10/6
Trade By [definition] [animation] 10/27
Trade the Wave [definition] [animation] 11/3
Turn Thru [definition] [animation]
U-Turn Back [definition] [animation 9/29
Veer Left/Right [definition] [animation9/8
Walk and Dodge [definition] [animation]
Walk Around/See Saw [definition] [animation]/[definition] [animation]
Weave the Ring [definition] [animation9/22
Wheel and Deal [definition] [animation]  9/29
Wheel Around [definition] [animation] 10/27

Wrong Way Thar [definition] [animation]
Zoom [definition] [animation10/20

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