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Square Dancing is truly InternationalPart of a bigger community

Established in 1983, Foggy City Dancers is one of seven gay and lesbian square dance clubs within the San Francisco Bay Area. In August, 2003, Foggy City celebrated its 20th anniversary with a weekend of square dancing that brought people from all over the United States.

Membership with Foggy City
Membership in our club is open to all, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. To dance at our club classes or events, no partner is needed (although many of our members bring their partners whether they square dance or not). There are no formal dress requirements, most come dressed casually as square dancing can be a surprisingly high energy exercise. Our objective is simple – to offer an enjoyable environment for all those who would like to square dance.back to top

We offer an environment where people can socialize and make new friends outside of the classic bar scene. We regularly organize club parties and other events to help build a feeling of ‘family’ among our members. Club members often become close friends too!back to top

Dancing Events
A typical Foggy City square dance event (see our Calendar for the dates, times, and locations of our upcoming events) brings in an experienced square dance caller (the person in the front of the room that “calls” or announces the steps that the squares will dance) and some 50 to 100 dancers for an evening of dancing at a variety of dance levels. Our events give you a chance to show off your dancing skills.back to top

Bay Area Square Dance Clubs
Within the Bay Area, there are gay clubs located in Palo Alto, Concord, Oakland, Sebastopol, and Santa Cruz. Links to our sister clubs are provided in the lower right corner of every page.back to top

Square Dancing is truly International!
Foggy City Dancers is a proud member of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC). Currently, square dance clubs in the IAGSDC are located throughout the United States, in Canada, Japan, and Denmark. Typical attendance at the IAGSDC annual convention (often over the July 4th weekend) is well over 1,000 dancers from recent class graduates to veterans that have been dancing for more than 20 years.back to top

We’re part of a bigger Dancing Community!!
While square dancing is our primary focus, we recognize that we’re a part of the larger GLBT dancing community. Foggy City Dancers is a proud member of the IAGLCWDC, the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs. Country Western dancing incorporates a wide variety of dance forms including two stepping and line dancing. Our local sister organization representing the country western dance community is the Sundance Association. Many dancers in our community are accomplished in all of these dance forms.

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