Lee Griffiths arrived in Denver early to attend the caller school prior to the start of the convention weekend.

“Like most of the beginners, I’d gone there simply to find out if I might enjoy calling; I’d thought I might one day like to teach, and really considered equipping myself for that to be my main goal. Yet I came away totally enthused about calling anything and everything, as and when I find the opportunities and have developed enough to do so. The teaching staff quite simply inspired me with their passion, talent and commitment.

“Twenty-seven hours of classes in three days is quite an intense experience, the more so because you’re there precisely to be given as much feedback as you can get, to go away knowing what you’ll need to do to become a better, more experienced caller.

“Since Caller School, I’ve been very fortunate to have been offered a number of guest tips by other local callers. My goals are to really get into the nitty-gritty of sight calling the various programs (scary!) and slowly work up to being able to call my first full night. Fingers crossed!”